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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

NO RAPTURE until the Day of the Glorious return of Jesus

One only need Two verse to disprove the pri-trib view.
1. 2Thes1:7 and Pauls tells us in the second one, 
2Thes2:2 that this gathering together to Him (Jesus) upon His return, This takes place on "The Day of the Lord". 
The misconception with pri-Tribers is that they consider "The Day of the Lord" to be the Tribulation. But it is not. "The Day of the Lord"  is the Day of the glorious return of Jesus with His mighty angels in Flaming fire. 2Thes1:7 2Pet3:10 The day of the Lord is Judgment Day. Rev22:12 See also Mat25:31-46
The birth pangs which Apostle Paul speaks of do not lead into the tribulation as is taught by Pir-tribbers, It leads to the "Day of the Lord" 1Thes5:2,3 It is that Day that comes as aThief 2Pet3:10
The birth pangs is the end-Time tribulation intensifying upon the earth, It is  (the perplexity of nations) to which Jesus referred in Lk21:25 and It is after that Time of perplexity that "The Son of Man comes in great Power& Glory" Lk21:27  It is at that Time that "He will send forth His angels with a great Trump and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of the sky to the other" Mat24:31    Jesus further reveals that it is to be "After the Tribulation of those days" Mat24:29 that this gathering in the air is to occur.
The church elect, His Godly remnant will indeed be here during that time of perplexity when (God’s wrath) comes upon the wicked. This wrath is not destained for His elect remnant church. However; the remnant church will be persecuted as it always has been from the beginning (satan’s wrath) has always been the manifestation of enmity against the seed of the Woman Gen3:15 but it will also be the Time when our Light will be the brighter, for the Lord has promised to be with us unto the End. And in deed at the precise Hour we shall be caught up in His coming Glory.


  1. II Thessalonians 2 is such a precious verse to me. That was the first piece of scripture that God used to instantly open my eyes about a false teaching I had been told my whole life. It was as if the blinders came off, and suddenly every single place in the Bible that speaks about the Day of the Lord suddenly made crystal clear sense. I am digging your blog John B... :-)