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Thursday, 19 September 2013


The notion that America is end-Time Babylon is a most recent view which many christians are now accepting as plausible!
We need to question Why This shift from the conservative protestant view of Papal Rome to America.
I attribute that shift to the doctrine of futurism, which places the prophecies of the book of revelation to be applicable within the end-Time tribulation and takes no consideration of Historical facts. The message was written to seven historical churches showing “the things which must shortly come to pass” Rev1:1
America is a country and not a City which is clearly stated in Rev17:18
America cannot be considered as being drunk with the blood of the Prophets, saints and witnesses of Jesus Rev17:6 Rev18:24 But cities like ancient Babylon, Jerusalem and Rome can be so identified historically.

Babylon is referred as Mystery and Harlot denoting the religious status of unfaithfulness to God.
let’s acknowledge, that this Harlot rides the Beastly Governmental powers in opposition to God’s people of all generations, signifying her Spiritual character in contrast to the Jerusalem above (the bride of Christ)
She had the oversight on 1.Egypt, 2.Assyria, 3.Babylon, 4.Persia, 5.Greece, 6.Rome.
Rome was the sixth head about which John says “one is” Rev17:10
For the ‘Israel of God’ (His former people of the OT and His present people of the NT) in it’s total life history from the days of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, has up to 'now' come into contact with and has been in subjection to these Six powers successively.
The sixth power which was Rome indicated by John as “one is” morphed into the ((Holy Roman Empire)) Daniels Feet and Toes of Iron and common clay Dan2:43 wherein it received the fatal wound by the sword Rev13:14
It is this seventh head which is also an eighth that goes into perdition Rev17:11
Throughout all of this process of Time, the Great Harlot does ‘not shift location’ she oversees all that transpires within the realm of the Beast unto it’s perdition.
The ‘fatal wound’ upon the sixth head of the Beast which is healed must of necessity be within this locality of the Holy Roman Empire wherein the Great city of Rome be.
It is my belief that this healed seventh head of the beast which is said to be also an “eighth” will be the ecumenical religious/political new World Order over which the Great Harlot presides.
By shifting the focus of our attention from Rome to America The Great Whore is taking great strides behind the scene to renew her persecuting power. America is a pawn at her hands aiding that cause.

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