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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Word of God Became Flesh.

Many have tried to explain the concepts of  a Trinitarian God. I certainly just believed what most are taught within the mainline denominations. But it was a belief not based upon Knowledge, because I did not understand the concept of three persons in one God. So; I decided to seek God on the matter  I wanted to understand and know the truth of it.
Below is a brief of what God showed me.
“By the word of the lord the heavens were made, and by -the breath of His mouth- all their hosts” Psalms33:6
“For He spoke and it was done; He commanded and it stood fast Psalms33:9
There is no shadow of a doubt that these verses by the Psalmist confirm the Gen1 account of creation wherein God -said- and it was done. If God -says- it means that He spoke, and that is exactly what the scripture verses above reveal.
It is true is it not, that the -word- which was in the beginning Jn1:1 is the very ‘breath of God’s mouth’Psalms33:6 which He spake the creation into being.
That word is not detached as a separate -person/entity/angel- from God. It is that which God spoke personally with His mouth and from His very being (His breath)
For the Word spoken in Gen1 is “alive and active” The word that sustains all things, It brought forth Light Gen1:3
It is that Word which also became Flesh and dwelt among us as the ‘light’ of Men Jn1:4
It is in that context that we need to understand Jn1:1-3
So; Jesus in the Flesh as He is known to the Apostle was the word (Logos) in the beginning which was with God. 
By Him Jesus which the Apostle knows in the Flesh to be the manifestation of that spoken Word from God's mouth by which all things came into being Jn1:3 Gen1:3
We need to understand the rhetoric of the Apostle’s words. 
There was no Jesus the son of God until after the word became flesh… “behold you will conceive in the womb and bear a Son, and you shall name Him Jesus……And will be called the Son of the most High” Lk1:31,32
It was when The Holy Spirit overshadowed Mary Lk1:35 that the Word of God became Flesh.
Therefore; in the beginning there was only God and His Spirit moving over the waters and the “breath of His mouth”  expressed in what He said. Gen1:2
Is Jesus deity? Most definitely! For God and His word are One never to pass away.
The common Trinitarian doctrine as it stands within the mainline denominations do not take into account what I have explained in relation to the Psalms scriptures.

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