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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Halloween Devils Child Play

Halloween practices can open doors into the occult world that introduces forces into peoples lives that they cannot control or combat.
These Doors into the occult are easily opened, but closing them is another matter.
The devil plays for keeps..
In the case of Halloween, he appeals to the young minds of innocence with His poisoned candy.
There are satanic covens worldwide who meet to celebrate satan's sabbath/Halloween, wherein demonic forces are summoned to influence the innocent minds collecting his candy.

There are also occultists/witches who await eagerly to open the Door for the young tricker treaters, passing unto them their "charmed candy"
"Charmed candy" is contaminated with a spell cast by the occultist/witch....
This candy does not even have to be eaten, but it only has to come in contact with the recipient/child and it will bind the child according to the designed spell. 

All spell are designed to promote wickedness and destroy Faith in Christ.......
This also applies to various "costumes" which are charmed in like manner, with which participants are dressed for this satanic celebration.

People in general have no knowledge about these things, assuming the innocence of an extreme evil.
It is true that the Devil comes as an angel of light to dazzle the innocent mind.

It is the duty of Fathers and Mothers to protect their children from this annual onslaught of evil.

Don't give your children to To the "Devil's Child play" I do not say this lightly..... Stand up for The Lord and He will honour You.......

john B

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