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Thursday, 7 November 2013

No To Religious Theologies

Is the Bible to be interpreted? scholars tell us so.
Jesus said; a man can receive nothing lest it be given Him from above.
We are quick to recognise that we sinners are saved by Grace, and yet we never grasp that ‘divine revelation’ of the written word is also by Grace, so we formulate methods of interpretation.. yes METHODS!
Depending on the flavour of our choices (that which appeals to our reasoning) determines which theological method of interpretation we begin to propagate.
I am not in any way debasing a scholarly approach to the scriptures, only the traditional methodologies associated with it. and there are plenty to be had at the right Price!
Most bible colleges and seminaries produce intellectual drones able to cross every T and dot every i, Empty carcasses void of divine revelation.
The problem is that we just accept as Truth what is taught us. Rarely do we pray for divine revelation on any particular doctrine, and God forbid if we are to ever question the teaching authority (the elevated ones) Beware of the Religious Spirit!
We never ponder that repentance is also applicable to ‘theological concepts’ ingrained by past affiliations.
Let us ask that we may receive…

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