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Friday, 15 November 2013

The Days Of Noah And The nephilims

Jesus said "as it was in the days of Noah" The Genesis account explicitly says;  "the earth was filled with Violence and was corrupt in the sight of God, for all Flesh had corrupted their way”....... Gen6:11,12 
The word says that "All Flesh had corrupted their way".. It does not say that all flesh became corrupt by DNA manipulation of fallen angels... It was their way (their conduct) that had become corrupt..I am of the opinion that ‘corruption of the flesh’ equates to the wickedness of men.."God saw that the wickedness of Men was great upon the earth" This is what God said previously. Gen6:5 This wickedness was contained in the thoughts and imagination of men were continually Evil and men had become violent.

TheApostle Peter applies this concept of wickedness in the days of Noah and  refers to it as “the world of the ungodly” 2Pet2:5 …  This is in reference to the various races of men who had perverted the 'way' of righteousness.. That is indicative by the fact that only Noah and his household were found to be righteous.. This is the contrast to be apprehended (The righteousness of Noah & wickedness of Men) 

Jesus referred to the days of Noah as a time when people were “eating, drinking and marrying and not a world ruled by the Nephilims.
The scriptures I have provided are in prompt context and without speculation  and  indicative of the various races of men who had perverted the way of righteousness and that this was the purpose of God for sending the Flood. 

I maintain that the Neplilim were a race of men, their lineage can be traced in the book of Joshua14:15, 15:13, Judg1:10
Arba was the father of Anak who was part of the Nephilim.


  1. I agree. If preachers take the focus off of the human heart and give liberty to ideas like half breeds and reptilians and such, then who's who? Because all fall short of the glory of GOD. I know my two prodigal children are not half breeds or anything like that...they are simply two people who are choosing the world over the words of FATHER YAHWEY.

    1. I do agree with the fact that the Gospel cannot be allowed to be warped and misconstrued by the introduction of the matter of human/angelic DNA mixing, but at this stage I am still convinced that this is exactly what did take place in Genesis 6. I don't necessarily think that the Nephilim issue is as central to the Last Days as do many of the Genesis 6 crowd, but I do see it as being a possible component... I also agree that many of the Nephilim folks are twisting those verses in Matthew 24 to say something that it doesn't say. Jesus' point was that the flood caught the people of earth off guard, and that His return will be the same way, a horrific surprise to the unbelieving and unrepentant peoples (but the faithful...)

      Anyways, even though I agree that this issue gets way out of control a lot of the time, I still can't look at where it says, "The Sons of God came unto the daughters of men and had children by them" and convince myself that this can be explained through the whole "Sethite theory" or whatever. It just makes zero sense.

      When you look through all the writings of the early church fathers, and historians like Josephus, we come across a mountain of evidence to show that even during that time, the prevailing understanding of the Nephilim was that they were in fact the offspring of angels and humans. It was almost as if it was something that was considered so basic that it hardly required explanation. To me this makes sense, when you realize that in ancient times, virtually everyone believed in the basic concept itself, throughout all the pantheons of Rome, Greece, Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, etc. was really just a question of whether you worshipped those fallen angels as "gods" and the givers of wisdom and technology etc., and their hybrid children as "demi-gods" and "heroes", or if you saw them as the rebellious angels that they were, who were duped by Satan to help him in his war against God, and their children not as heroes and "mighty men" but as monsters and beasts...