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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Upon This Rock

Upon this Rock I will build my Church said Jesus unto Peter..
Thou art Peter Greek New testament (petros) = small stone and upon this Rock Greek New Testament (petra) = Large rock , I will build my Church.. Mat 16:18... 
The Petra/Rock is what Peter had just confessed "Thou art the Christ The son of the Living God" Vs16... 

It is upon that truth (who Christ is) as was revealed to Peter that The church is built.. Believers are the "Living stones" As Peter said in 1 Pet 2:5

Peter is Flesh and Blood said Jesus of him and as such not a suitable foundation for God's Spiritual house/church.. A spiritual house needs a spiritual foundation...That which is spiritual cannot be founded/built upon that which is natural (flesh and blood)

Jesus is the spiritual man..the second Adam (the Word of God) and He is the cornerstone of the church, and all who confess Him as Peter did, are united as "living stones" to the Foundational corner stone.  Furthermore; The Foundation upon which the church is built  Apostle Paul tells us is "the Apostles and the Prophets and Christ Himself the cornerstone".. Eph 2:19,20
If Peter was the foundational rock, surely Paul would have known about it and would have said so..

The suggestion that Peter was the first Pope has no scriptural backing.. Apostolic succession as well does not have scriptural backing and certainly has nothing to do with an elevated Apostle succeeding one another)
It is the 'Apostolic Faith' that is in succession from generation to generation and Christ the sole builder of His church will raise up and appoint Men according to His will as was the case with Apostle Paul  1Cor 3:10 to fulfil the task...

Christ is the Head of His Church from whom the entire body is supplied and held together Col2:19
(It is not the Pope who is the head ) nor any man for that matter for all are" flesh and blood"