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Thursday, 4 December 2014

God Has Only One People.

Who are the people of God? 
It is a misconception among christians that the Jewish race are God's people...They were His people under the Old Covenant of Moses.. 
The Jewish race was instrumental within the plan of redemption... God has moved on in His redemptive plan.. Messiah has come establishing a New covenant, an eternal one by which race is replaced by grace..
Abraham was prophesied to be the father of many Nations.. 
That prophesy is fulfilled in Jesus who was the only legitimate heir of the promise given Abraham.. 
It is Jews and Gentiles who together by Grace through Faith which are Grafted into the Israel of God that are God's people (The Olive Tree) It is only to such that salvation belong..

Any Jew or Gentile outside of that (Olive Tree) are not the people of God, but rather His enemies.. 
And rightly so did the Apostles of the Lord refer to all unbelievers as enemies of the Cross at enmity with God..
To this day Judaism has nothing in Christ Jesus, for they still tread underfoot the Blood of the eternal covenant.. 
God honours only the redeemed of the Lord by the Blood of the eternal covenant..

Salvation is a personal matter and not a racial one.. For the calling of God is made real by the indwelling Spirit of  God in the believer, by which all together co-operatively make up His people...  
john B

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