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Thursday, 11 December 2014

One Eternal Covenant

The New covenant is the “eternal covenant”. There is not going back to the old covenant. God has moved forward in the process of redemption.
After the tribulation comes the end, when Christ returns to judge the living and the dead rewarding each man for their deeds Rev22:12.
Furthermore; When the end comes, it is the Kingdom of God the Father ratified by the New Covenant made up of only (the redeemed of the Lord) that will be forever established when Christ “delivers up His kingdom to the God and Father” 1Cor15:24 and He himself (Jesus) is subjected to the Father 1Cor15:28
It is a fallacy of theology that gives the hope of salvation to any man post the return of Christ.
Hebrew-root and pro Jewish messianic folks including most dispensationalists who maintain that there is to be a renewal of the Old Covenant are gravely mistaken. 
If Christ indeed be our High-Priest forever, then it is also true that His Finished sacrifice alone accomplished the redemptive purposes of God the Father by the shed blood of Messiah.
There are to be no more sacrifices, to suggest otherwise is to tread under-foot the Blood of the eternal covenant which many are presently doing…..

john B

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