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Thursday, 29 October 2015


HOMOPHOBIC! The word does not exist in any dictionary.. 
It is a newly constructed word by the Gay & Lesbian crowed to malign anyone who do not support their agenda.. 
Many Christians are labelled as such including myself.. 
The word PHOBIA n. 'fear or aversion, unreasonable dislike' 
So; This is how I am suppose to feel towards HOMOSEXUALS..
Well; nothing is further than the truth!...
Firstly; I do not fear homosexuals, nor do I have an unreasonable dislike towards them. 
My dislike of homosexuality is very reasonable, it pertains to their avert lifestyle in opposition to the standard moral value of relationships between men and a women..
If anything, I feel apathy towards these bound to that lifestyle and their 'estranged love'.. 
I am not HOMOPHOBIC..I am CHRISTIAN and uphold the standards of A HOLY GOD..
john B

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